Frédéric Alarie

Amazes by the colour, depth and audacity he puts forward in his work: as a musician, composer or soloist, he constantly pushes the limits of both his own expression and of jazz itself.  Member of the Lorraine Desmarais trio since 1993, he has recorded on 34 albums as an accompanist-soloist, and has played on about hundred other albums as a guest; several of these albums have received awards, including the FELIX and JUNO AWARD. Invited to play from Canada to China, by way of France, Belgium, Denmark, Austria, Germany, Poland and the United States, he has left his indelible mark as a top-Soloist in a sharp melodic sense, Alarie appears as a talented composernotch bassist. 

 In 2016. Exceptionnaly, the International Society of Bassists (ISB), owner of the famous restored bass of Scott LaFaro, lent the precious instrument  for his tribute concert at the "Festival international de jazz de Montreal". He had the great fortune to play alongside notable artists such as  Joe Lovano, John Abercrombie, George Benson, Oliver Jones, Shella Jordon, Nathalie Dessay, Charles Aznavour and Michel Legrand. As a composer, Frédéric Alarie has nine albums under his belt, all of which have been greatly praised by critics.